TC's renowned lift-accessed chutes - serious backcountry terrain but in-bounds!

Hollywood Bowl & Motatapu Chutes are found far skiers' right of the Saddle Basin and are reputable for their steep, tight lines unlike any anywhere else in the Southern Lakes.

They are accessible only through gates that open when they've been well-controlled from avalanches. That said, this doesn't mean they are safe from all hazzards. The Motatapu Chutes is serious terrain for experts only. Hollywood Bowl itself is rather mellow, with nice windlips and fun open faces, however the only way out is through the Motatapu Chutes so do not go here if you're unsure about your ability!

There's a plethora of options within the Chutes themselves, with some serious lines available for the hardest of hardcore. Treble Cone kindly groom a cat track for people to hike along to get back to the Saddle Chairlift, however if you take an early exit you can traverse back without any hiking at all. The further right you head, the longer the journey back to the lift - typically no more than 20mins.

Operating Seasons

Open Winter
Closed Spring
Closed Summer
Closed Autumn